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Roughgrain mastering

Roughgrain mastering is a professional mastering service that will transform your mixes into Masters that will sound great everywhere.

Roughgrain Masters were featured on BBC Radio 1, The Quietus, DAZED alongside the highest budget productions which really speaks for their quality.

You can get your Masters as any digital file format for online stores or streaming services, DDP image for CD manufacturing or complete sides for vinyl cutting and cassette production.

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show credits

Written & produced by God Colony. Vocals by Flohio. Mixed by James Rand. Mastered by Martin Kuchta.

Written & performed by Ex Easter Island Head. Recorded by Luke Nickless and Ryan Blakeley. Mixed by James Rand. Mastered by Martin Kuchta.

Written & produced by God Colony and GAIKA. Mixed by James Rand. Mastered by Martin Kuchta.

Written, produced & mixed by Sega Bodega. Mastered by Martin Kuchta.

Written & performed by The Levons. Produced by Carlo Variola. Recorded by Luke Nickless and Martin Kuchta. Mixed by Carlo Variola. Mastered by Martin Kuchta.

Piano by Anna Nielsen-Scott. Recorded by Luke Nickless and Martin Kuchta. Mixed by Luke Nickless. Mastered by Martin Kuchta.


Roughgrain mastering

The basic rate is £35 per track. With volume discounts the rate goes to £25 per track.

Pay After Delivery: There's no need to pay until you are completely satisfied with the result. Revisions are free!

Please see the pricelist for additional services and volume discounts. A price that suits the needs of your project is guaranteed.

You can download the up-to-date pricelist here (PDF).


Martin Kuchta

My name is Martin Kuchta and I specialise in mastering and sound design. I have been involved in music production for the past 18 years – playing in bands, producing my own music, performing live on my own as well as a part of a band. I worked as a recording and mixing engineer, both in studio and on location. My extensive experience on both sides of the music production process gives me great understanding of what sounds great and also how to work as a team to realise my passion - great sounding music.


Use the form below to upload a file for free mastering preview or just to get in touch. Any digital file format is accepted, however, 44.1 kHz/24-bit WAV/AIFF or better would be preferred. Please use compressed ZIP for uploading, it ensures that the file(s) will get across unchanged. Maximum supported filesize is 2GB.

Phone: +44 7780 565 902


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